fostering philanthropy

Many people have a desire to help others or improve our world, but find it difficult to translate that interest into action. The Generosity Project brings opportunities for generosity into our schools, families, neighborhoods, and workplaces so people of all ages can do more good more often.

We sincerely thank the many people who donated funds as well as hundreds of hours to The Generosity Project’s Covid-19 initiatives.
While the pandemic has put a halt to our traditional group events, it has created new opportunities. We were able to financially support the purchase of PPE and materials volunteers needed  to make masks and shields. So many generous people have shown support for our healthcare workers as they continue to battle this outbreak. We have also donated to local food pantries as well as to organizations that are providing meals to children who typically receive breakfast and lunch at school. 
We continue to accept donations that allow TGP to respond to these needs quickly and directly.