We make a living by what we get.
We make a life by what we give.

Winston Churchill


We realize that many people are eager to help others and respond to a specific need in the community, but they might not know how to turn that desire into action. WE DO. The Generosity Project facilitates a wide range of hands-on events in our schools, families, neighborhoods, and workplaces so groups of all ages can do more good more often.

Through these small group projects, we create awareness of the needs of others in our area and the essential role of non-profits.

We believe that children need to learn the importance of generosity and have opportunities to practice it.

We encourage activities that strengthen and improve our community and our environment.

our story

It would be naive to believe that as children mature they recognize that many people in their community are in need and that they have a role in answering those needs. However, like practicing good manners and being a good sport, generosity doesn’t develop naturally. It is a quality that children need to learn and practice. That is what inspired The Generosity Project. We believe that by being as deliberate about fostering philanthropy as we are about signing up our children for sports, we can create more caring communities now and in the future.

A few years into our mission, we realized that adults as well as children need accessible options for practicing hands-on generosity. Many traditional group activities have become the ideal scenario for hands-on generosity: A family reunion included time for packing welcome bags for orphanages. A company picnic added a clothing drive for the homeless. Think of the opportunities!

leadership team

Lindsay Bogdasarian


As I became more involved in my community, I realized that thousands of people rely on the generosity of others to help them through a crisis, or to cope with a lack of resources. I believe that we are all called upon to be givers, even as children. I started The Generosity Project to encourage people of all ages to make generosity an essential part of their lives.
Judy Mac

Assistant Director

I’ve always admired people who make it a priority to actively help others in need. Despite my good intentions to do more, my followthrough was weak. Once retired, I had more time and fewer excuses. The Generosity Project’s mission of fostering generosity and creating opportunities for groups to give to others became my passion.
Lauren McGillicuddy

Assistant Director