We make a living by what we get.
We make a life by what we give.

Winston Churchill


Our goal is to encourage and facilitate “hands-on” acts of generosity in people of all ages.

We make children aware of the importance of generosity and how, by donating to area non-profits, they can help people who are under-resourced or need the support of others.

We support area non-profits by generating donations and providing services in line with their needs and by increasing awareness of the vital work they do.

our story

It would be naive to believe that as children mature they naturally develop an attitude of generosity and a belief that they have a role to play in helping people with all kinds of needs. Instead, like practicing good manners, being responsible, and being a good sport, generosity is something to be learned and modeled. That is the mission of The Generosity Project. We are in a position to teach children the value of generosity and volunteerism. If we can be as deliberate about fostering philanthropy as we are about signing up our children for sports, we believe we can create more caring communities now and in the future.  

At The Generosity Project, the lessons we teach and events we facilitate focus on what children and adults can do to help others.

leadership team

Lindsay Bogdasarian


As I became more involved in my community, I realized that thousands of people rely on the generosity of others to help them through a crisis, or to cope with a lack of resources. I believe that we are all called upon to be givers, even as children. I started The Generosity Project to encourage people of all ages to make generosity an essential part of their lives.
Judy Mac

Assistant Director

I’ve always admired people who make it a priority to actively help others in need. Despite my good intentions to do more, my followthrough was weak. Once retired, I had more time and fewer excuses. The Generosity Project’s mission of fostering generosity and creating opportunities for groups to give to others became my passion.
Jennifer Haudan

Assistant Director

The Generosity Project is about bringing children and adults opportunities to be generous. At every event, I see the overwhelmingly positive feelings that are generated when people serve the needs of others. I’m constantly inspired to expand the reach of The Generosity Project.
Lauren McGillicuddy

Assistant Director

advisory board

David DeYoung

Katie Fife

Stacy Colias

Mary Newton

Brad Haudan

Jim DeMeester