Never get tired of doing little things for others, sometimes those little things occupy the biggest parts of their hearts.


how it works

Through the efforts of The Generosity Project over the last two years, thousands of children and adults have donated needed items, time, and talents to dozens of nonprofits in our community. They have experienced the value of active, involved volunteerism.

Events Facilitated by The Generosity Project

Many families, sports team, employee groups, or neighborhoods want to participate in a service project to benefit a nonprofit organization. We support their efforts by presenting options for a recipient nonprofit, a wish list of items they can donate or ways they can volunteer. We provide bags and supplies to pack donations, as well as educational materials to inspire continued generosity. The group is all set to conduct their own event.

Events Led by The Generosity Project

We help young people understand the importance of practicing generosity through hands-on activities. These may involve entire schools, or several classrooms. We identify a nonprofit that will benefit from the activity and what kids can do or donate to help fulfill its needs. The event includes an age-appropriate lesson or video that inspires generosity and information about the recipient nonprofit.